Pinot Noir Rosé La Griffe du Diable A.O.P. Alsace 2018

On a foothill of the Vosges Mountains, directly above the Pfaffenheim wine region, the devil had set up camp. A sacred tree grew there, and the druids had built a tabular altar nearby.

A peasant claimed one day to have discovered a miraculous, protective statue of the Virgin Mary. And so, a chapel was built in full sight of the plain. Many pilgrims made their way up to that new shrine to worship Mary and repent of their wrong-doings.

This greatly angered the devil. The druids disappeared, the sacred tree was decorated with a supposedly holy statuette, and the forest was deserted by his evil creatures, instead offering a safe welcome to all travellers.

But then, something extraordinary happened: the rock grew softer and softer until it had the consistency of a slab of butter left out in a heat wave! The devil dug his claws into that mass which eventually slipped and fell to the ground, regaining its normal consistency.

Now it lays there by the side of the road, with the devil's claw marks forever imprinted in the stone. This is how La Griffe du Diable ("The Devil's Claw" in French) got its name.

Grape varieties

Pinot Noir


alc 12% vol.


These grapes come from mid-slope vineyards. That land is preferred for its southeastern exposure and for the shelter provided by the Vosges. These points contribute to the unique microclimate of those plots of vines. The soil is shallow there, often rich in stone from limestone and clay limestone sub-soils. The number and size of the grape clusters are verified manually, plant by plant. Only the best plots and vintages are chosen for blending.


Direct whole-cluster pressing. Separation of pressed juices. Fermentation at controlled temperatures in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting Notes

Lovely pale pink colour Very fruit nose with notes of strawberry, red cherry, redcurrant, pink grapefruit and cranberry. The aromas come to the forefront on the attack, with a nice volume. The fresh finish awakens the taste buds and stimulates appetite.

Food Pairing

Cocktail snacks, tapas, finger food and stone-grilled food.

Ageing Potential

This rosé wine is best enjoyed young.



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